Epocast compound

Epocast is a two component chocking compound used for support of machinery, engines etc.after they are alined according to specifications.

Epocast is approved by most classification companies.

We have Epocast and accessories on stock in Glostrup.

Please contact us for load calculations and other questions.

Epocast is available in two types:

EPOCAST 36®is a two-component pourable chocking compound with excellent physical characteristics replacing the conventional method of steel chocks when used for mounting main and auxiliary engines, gear boxes, steering gears, thrust bearings, stern tubes, etc.
EPOCAST 36® chocks are not only econimical to fit but offer additional benefits such as their ability to fill any reasonable irregularity in the chocking interface and to reduce noise and vibration.

EPOCAST 36-P is a trowelable two-component epoxy paste which was specifically developed for installation of LNG/LPG tanks, chemical tanks and containment systems. EPOCAST 36-P is a further development of the worldwide proven chocking and grouting system EPOCAST 36® and is everywhere in application where it is not practical to use a freely floating resin. EPOCAST 36-P can be heavily loaded and has good adhesive properties even at extremely low temparatures.

Download Epocast marine manual – Click here for PDF

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